Summary of existing errors on iOS 10 Beta1

Summary of existing errors on iOS 10 Beta1

iOS 10 beta is now only available for developers. However, this cannot prevent curious users attempting to install on their iPhone, iPad. If you intended to experience iOS 10 beta, you should note some following errors.


The common errors:

  • Using the Force Touch to reply messages from the lock screen makes “reply” window stark, users cannot exit even when pressing the Home key or other keys. The only solution is to restart the devices.
  • Screenshot Lock Screen can cause the device to reboot.
  • When the alarm is turned off, it will continue to be kept on the lock screen as a snooze.
  • When activating the setting “Reduced Motion“, the performance of some system applications such as Safari can be slow or unstable.
  • When turning off the sound of the keyboard, alongside it will disable the haptic feedback (tactile feedback).
  • Some widgets have problems when displaying in ‘Today’ tab.
  • Error of cropping images on Safari
  • The lock screen will automatically turn off after 30 seconds even when users are interacting with notifications.
  • Replying messages in iMessage from the lock screen will cause showing the notification of messages again.
  • Facebook app closes unexpectedly when upload video / images; it has probably not been optimized for iOS 10.
  • Noisy sound when connecting to speakers via the 3.5mm jack
  • Some users feedback that their devices automatically restart
  • Siri closed suddenly if being asked to name.
  • The Transit menu setting in Apple Maps displays “localized in not found”.
  • Update All” button in the App Store does not work. Users will have to update manually each application.
  • Photos app does not show the location of the synchronized pictures.
  • The device is automatically in ‘standby mode’ when the battery is low.
  • Multitasking with multiple apps makes applications crash
  • Apple Store takes a long time to load and display the results.
  • The device switches itself off when connected to accessories; users have to plug in to restart.
  • The PPTP VPN option has been removed
  • The lock sounds still play even when turning off in the settings.
  • When selecting an alarm sound, the default audio keeps playing even when the application is closed


Errors on the iPad:


  • Rotating the screen may cause some iPad Pro 9.7 “to automatically lock the screen rotation. The solution is to reboot the device.
  • There are plenty of bugs relating to audio on the iPad Pro 9.7″, for example, the complete mute when putting headphone.
  • Photo app has some problems about the interface on the iPad Pro 9.7″.

Above are some bugs on iOS 10. Users should consider carefully before installing iOS 10 beta on the device to avoid unwanted errors.