Samsung announces Galaxy Home smart speaker to compete with Apple’s HomePod

Samsung announces Galaxy Home smart speaker to compete with Apple’s HomePod

Samsung is one of the biggest names in the industry. The South Korean firm is selling millions of smartphones units every quarter, helping the company grab the number one position on the market. However, the company is showing the world that it’s more than smartphones.

At the company’s Unpacked event in New York, Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Home, which marks its first steps into the smart speaker market. With the unveiling of the Galaxy Home, Samsung will compete directly with Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod.

In reality, the Galaxy Home was a surprise at this year’s event as we had not heard so much about Samsung’s smart speaker prior to its official announcement. The Samsung Galaxy Home features a three-leg stand, making it stand out on the market.

Like any other smart speaker out there, the Galaxy Home includes support for voice control, Bixby, allowing you to take back control of your home appliances. Samsung has been improving Bixby since the launch day to offer a better user experience. Bixby is now smarter and better than its first days, allowing you to quickly interact with apps and services.

According to Samsung, its smart speaker features SoundSteer that automatically adjusts your sound output depending on where you place it in your room. The Galaxy Home also includes 8 speakers, 8 microphones, a sub-woofer, and tweeters for better voice recognition and sound quality.

If you are a big fan of music, then you will be happy to know that the Galaxy Home features Spotify integration. For some background, Spotify is now the number one music-streaming service with more than 180 million active users. With Spotify integration, users will be able to play their favorite songs on Spotify using Bixby voice command.

Samsung has been in talks with other third-party developers to add more skills to the Galaxy Home. According to Samsung, the company’s smart speaker will include support for a wide range of third-party services.

However, Samsung has not specified how much its smart speaker will cost and when it makes its debut. Sources say that the Galaxy Home will see a global launch in 2019.

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