iPhone X issues and how to fix them

iPhone X issues and how to fix them

The iPhone X has been available for only two weeks, but we have started to hear some of the issues owners are facing with Apple’s latest flagship phone, like green lines, unresponsive touchscreen, and activation issues. Some of these issues may make your experience less joyful. With that in mind, we are here to help.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most common iPhone X issues and walk you through the steps to fix them. Before we begin, note that if you are planning to buy the iPhone X, but you cannot bear with the annoying iPhone X issues, wait until Apple fixes them.

  1. iPhone X Green lines

A lot of iPhone X owners have reported that they are facing random green lines or patches on their device’s display, which is pretty frustrating. Tech experts say that the issue may be with the OLED panel, so the best shot to deal with the issue is to take your iPhone X to a local Apple Store.

  1. Unresponsive touchscreen

This seems to be a common issue every time Apple releases a new iPhone model and there are no exceptions to this year’s iPhone X. We have hear a lot of complaints from iPhone X owners that the touchscreen on their iPhone X becomes unresponsive, forcing them to reboot their device several times.

If you have been hit by the issue, you will be happy to know that Apple is aware of the issue and promise to fix the issue in future iOS updates. You can always check for updates by heading to Settings > General > Software Updates.

  1. Activation

Activation issues show up every year and it seems that we are now having the same problem this year. According to tech experts, the issue occurred because so many people are trying to activate their iPhone, causing Apple servers to crash. Apple says that the issue has been fixed and users now can easily activate their device. If you are still having the problem, contact Apple or your network provider.

  1. Face ID fails to work

Face ID is among the biggest highlights of the iPhone X. Apple’s new security measure replaces the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Face ID allows users to instantly unlock their devices with a simple glance. However, that doesn’t mean that everything works perfectly.

A lot of iPhone X owners have reported that Face ID fails to work on their device, forcing them to enter the passcode. If you are facing the issue, make sure you remove your saved face and set it up from the scratch.

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Here are four common iPhone X issues. Hopefully, you get your own issues fixed. If you stumble upon any issues, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

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