iOS 13 will come with iPad-focused features, Say Rumors

iOS 13 will come with iPad-focused features, Say Rumors

iOS is getting better and better every year. Apple has never stopped adding new features and changes to its own operating system. Last year, Apple released iOS 11 with hundreds of features for iPhone and iPad, including ARKit, Automatic Setup, much-improved Notes app, and much more.

Rumors regarding the next generation iOS have been floating around for months, hinting at the impressive features coming into iPhone and iPad this year. While iOS 12 will not make its debut until June, we have started to hear rumors about iOS 13 which is set for June 2019 release.

According to sources, iOS 13 will mark a huge focus on iPad, which was previously ignored in iOS 10. In reality, iOS 11 introduced a lot of new things for iPad, like the Files app, multitasking mode, and picture-in-picture mode. In iOS 10, Apple added a lot of new things to iPhone lineup and opened its OS to developers.

Sources say new features in iOS 13 will help boost productivity on Apple iPad. This may pave the way for a new iPad Pro coming in the future. Apple is widely rumored to launch a new iPad Pro this year with a lot of advanced features and useful tools. iOS 13 will also come with new things for iPhone lineup at launch. One such feature lies in much-improved ARKit. Apple has been working on augmented reality for years. Last year, Apple finally included the tech in its iPhone models.

Some recent reports claim that iOS 13 is codenamed “Yukan”, indicating that Apple is still developing it. Some sources say that users will be able to run multiple windows right inside the app and mute notifications from their select threads in the Mail app.

iOS 13 is also rumored to feature a new Photos app and a revamped CarPlay. Users are expecting a redesigned UI for iOS in future updates. There is a good chance that iOS 13 will offer you that.

iOS 12 will be unveiled at this year’s WWDC event in June. Apple is also expected to release a new iPad at the event with new design and exciting features.

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