iOS 11.4 beta adds Calendar support to HomePod

iOS 11.4 beta adds Calendar support to HomePod

Earlier this year, Apple officially released its first smart speaker, called HomePod following the launch event back in September 2017. The HomePod was met with a lot of positive feedback from users worldwide. Apple HomePod has its own set of features that help it stand out on the market, ranging from support for productivity features to high-quality audio.

Apple HomePod is getting better every time Apple releases a new software update. With iOS 11.4 beta, Apple is taking its own smart speaker to a whole new level. iOS 11.4 beta introduces Calendar support for Siri’s personal requests. That means that you will be able to set reminders using your voice command with HomePod.

In reality, rumors say that Apple has been working on Calendar support for Siri on the HomePod for months. However, the company needs more time to make sure everything runs smoothly, causing Apple to push back the release date. Initially, users were able to use the Apple HomePod to send and receive messages, add reminders and create notes using voice command. In iOS 11.4 beta, Apple is finally adding Calendar support to Siri’s personal requests.

In reality, Calendar support is not something out there as it has been an essential part of all major voice assistants. Amazon Echo and Google Home have their own calendar integration features since the day one. Tech experts say that Apple does not want to get left behind in the fight.

According to tech watchers, Calendar support will help Apple boost HomePod sales. Apple’s smart speaker has seen a slow growth in sales since the launch day, due to a lack of exciting features. Apple is expected to add huge improvements to its HomePod in future updates to attract more users.

HomePod smart speaker now costs $349 on the market. Tech experts say that Apple will offer discounts for its smart speaker during this year’s holiday shopping season. Last year, Apple Watch topped the list of the best-selling items on New Year’s Eve, with millions of units sold.

Rumors say that Apple is working on a second generation HomePod. The new smart speaker is expected to make its debut sometime in 2019.

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