iOS 10: changes in lock screen

iOS 10: changes in lock screen

Apple has launched iOS 10 beta with much more changes than the predecessor iOS 9 version. The changes we can easily identify are on the lock screen. iOS 10 gives users a more visual look at the interface, interacts with the notification, extends to the 3D Touch features.

Here are a few changes on the lock screen of iOS 10 version.

  1. Raise to wake

In the previous iOS versions, if users want to view the information on the lock screen when the device is in “sleep mode” (Sleep), they must use the Home key or the Power key to activate the device. However, with “raise to wake” feature on iOS 10 now, users just pick up the device and the device will automatically activate their lock screen. Users can update the information on the lock screen here without having to use Home or Power button as before.


Note that this feature requires some additional gesture sensors from Apple, and these sensors are only integrated on the latest models such as iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPhone SE.

  1. Quick access to camera

In previous versions, when accessing to camera from the lock screen, users must drag the camera icon in the lower right corner of the screen to open the camera mode.


Apple realized that this gesture is difficult for users to use one hand with the large screen devices like the iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6s plus. Therefore, on the iOS 10 update, users just swipe from the right to the left on the lock screen to activate the camera mode.

This is a useful upgrade of Apple; it allows users to access quickly the camera from anywhere

  1. ‘Slide to unlock’ replaced by “press to unlock”

For nearly 10 years, the “Slide to unlock” has already existed on all iPhone’s generation with many different versions. However, in this iOS 10 update, Apple has replaced the ‘Slide to unlock’ by ‘Press home to unlock’.


Instead of sliding from the left to the right to unlock the device, now iOS users simply click on the Home button again to display the familiar password entry screen (in case users do not use the Touch ID).

  1. Notification Center: Delete messages quickly

Like previous versions, on iOS 10 users just drag from the top to display the notification center. Here users can messages the messages that they have missed.


You can delete all messages at once on iOS 10 with 3D Touch, simply click on the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the notification center and select ‘Clear All Notifications’ to remove simultaneously all  notifications.

  1. Rearranges widgets

On iOS 10, the Notification Center is not only for missed messages but also all the information of the day are displayed on the widget that users can track when sliding from the left to the right on the lock screen.


The layout of widgets is visible and user-friendly; users can easily update the information they need here. For example, users can track the weather information in their current location right on the lock screen without having to pull down the notification center as before. Moreover, iOS 10 is added the “Show more” icon that helps users update further information form widgets.


Above the center of widgets is the Spotlight search.

  1. Use 3D Touch in Control Center

Users can access the Control Center on the lock screen by swiping up from the bottom. With iOS 10 now, the Control Center has been integrated more features of 3D Touch.


With the 3D Touch, users can use any icon at the bottom row to access quickly the feature expansion such as copying results from calculator or snapshots…etc.


The Control Center has also been redesigned with a more intuitive interface than before, the layout of shortcuts is reasonable and the distance among them is dilated.

Above are some of the changes of the lock screen on iOS 10. If you find any other interesting things related to this topic, please share it with us by commenting below.