How to fix iPad Error 1671 when updating to iOS 9

How to fix iPad Error 1671 when updating to iOS 9

What is iPad error 167?


iPad error 1671 is basically a code shown when users are going to sync, back up, update or restore  with Apple’s server or with any Apple devices through iTunes.

This error may occur at time on certain circumstances when updating software via iTunes. Generally, updating or restoring does not generate errors; they may appear in some cases. It may cause problems to the software installed and at time the hardware especially when the installed software is incompatible with the device or the device is running with an old iOS. Other cases can be due to a connection of the device by a slow USB HUB.

However, it can easily be fixed by updating the iTunes to the latest version so in order to ensure that it is compatible with the IOS and installing the latest version of OS.

Moreover, users should  update the antivirus and run a full system scan for any infections and also connect the iPad to a high speed USB port, preferably USB 2.0 or higher.


Solutions to Fix iPad Error 1671

Here we will show some of the standard solutions to iPad error 1671

Solution 1

  1. Disable the antivirus program on the PC

2. Then, search for ‘host” file. On window, open my windows (C:) > system32 > drivers> etc > host


3. Drag the “host” file and drop it to the desktop.

4. If users are using Mac, select Go and then Go to Folder. In the box, type private/etc/hosts. After pressing on Go, a new window locating host file on it will appear.


5. Now open your iTunes and proceed the restoration.

6. After the restoration, go to the same folder and put the “host” file into the folder. On Windows: System32 > drivers> etc and if it is a Mac, put the “hosts” file back from into its original folder.

Solution 2

  1. Update Antivirus and then scan full system to ensure that there is no virus.
  2. Connect the Apple device with a USB cable


3.  Then, try to update the device to the latest version again.

Solution 3

  1. After starting the iTunes, users will have to go for the “Recover from iTunes Backup File” mode. By launching the mode, users can see many backup files which were previously synced with iTunes. Now scan start the backup of iTunes to be extracted.
  2. After completing the scan, all the backed up files will be shown in categories. Then users can choose the required files to be recovered.

Solution 4

  1. First, reset the system.
  2. To do the reset, keep pressing Power button along with Home button at the same time until see the Apple’s logo on the screen.
  3. After resetting, the error can be solved. If it has not been solved, users have to restore the data.
  4. Connect the device to the PC via USB cable.
  5. Then iTunes will automatically guide users how to restore the data to the device.
  6. Go for “select” as to recover data.
  7. The restoration process will start which may take more than an hour to complete.