Google Maps for iOS and Android get new messaging features

Google Maps for iOS and Android get new messaging features

Google Maps is one of the most popular mapping services out there. Google has been improving its service in an attempt to offer a better user experience. Google Maps is getting better and smarter every year as Google rolls out new updates to its service on a regular basis. Google’s mapping service is now available in multiple platforms, offering users a perfect tool for navigation.

Google today announced a new update to its mapping services following months of anticipation. The update brings with it system enhancements and a number of new things. One such thing lies in messaging features. In reality, Google has been rumored to launch a messaging feature for its mapping service for months. Sources say that the company has been testing the feature for 6 months ahead of the release in an attempt to make sure things go smoothly at launch.

Google Maps

Google’s messaging features aim to bring consumers closer to businesses. Google says that businesses will get a new Google My Business app to stay in touch with their consumers. Specifically, consumers need to tap the Message icon in a conversation and they will get two options including Call and Message.

Besides, businesses need to install the latest update of Google My Business app to access the messaging features. If you are new to the app, open Google Maps on your phone, then select a place and tap the three lines button at the top left corner. After that, hit Messages from the list of options and select Message.

Google says that the update is still rolling out to users worldwide. If you now have an iPhone, then open the App Store app, then find Google Maps, and check for updates. Google also recommends users update the mapping app to get a better user experience.

Sources say that Google has been working on a number of Google Maps features in an attempt to take on Apple Maps out there. Apple’s mapping service is getting better and smarter every year. The Cupertino firm has been slowly expanding transit support in Apple Maps to more cities worldwide. In reality, transit support has been part of Google Maps for years, but it has not received major updates for months.

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