Gmail for iOS gets support for Google Pay and snoozing emails

Gmail for iOS gets support for Google Pay and snoozing emails

Gmail is the number one mailing service on the market. Google has been improving its mailing app since the launch day to satisfy users’ needs. However, Gmail’s design remains unchanged, causing users to question the ability to create an innovative app. Google is aware of that and the company has officially rectified the situation.

The biggest search engine recently released an update for its Gmail. The update includes huge improvements and a ton of new features, enhancing security and artificial intelligence features. One of the biggest changes to Gmail lies in snoozing functionality.

As the name implies, you can easily hide your emails for a set period of time. After the time expires, your emails will go back to your inbox. To snooze an email in Gmail for iPhone, open the Gmail app on your home screen, then select a message you wish to snooze and hit the menu button. After that, you just simply need to hit the Snooze button from the list of options and select your time. Google offers three preset options, including tomorrow, this weekend, and someday.

According to Google, the feature will be rolling out to iOS and Android. However, the company has not specified when it officially arrives this year. Tech experts say that the update will arrive on both iOS and Android this fall, at the same time as Pixel phones. The Gmail app for iPhone also gets support for Google Pay.

For some background, Google Pay is one of the leading payment services on the market. Google is still expanding its service to more markets worldwide, allowing users to make payments using their Android phone. With Google Assistant integration, you will be able to send money to your friends with a Gmail address.

Google Pay is having its upper hand over Apple’s Mail app, thanks to Google Pay integration. Apple is still working on integrating its Apple Pay into the stock Mail app. Gmail app for iOS has seen major changes in recent months. This indicates that Google wants to improve its mailing app on all platforms. There will be more updates in the coming months.

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