Apple to team up with Chinese carriers to fight against iMessage spam

Apple to team up with Chinese carriers to fight against iMessage spam

iMessage is Apple’s own messaging platform that comes pre-loaded with every Apple device. Apple has been improving iMessage for years with the introduction of stickers, emoji, and games. iMessage is now a bigger deal than you expect as you can do a lot more things with it. You now can send your photos or videos to your friends and family or spice up your messages with effects.

However, iMessage has its own issues that may ruin your experience. Specifically, a good number of iPhone owners in China have reported that they are receiving a lot of iMessage spam that promotes gambling apps. Many of them contacted carriers but the problem still persists. Apple has acknowledged the issue and promises to fix it in the upcoming updates.

For some background, network operators in China cannot block or filter out iMessage spam as Apple’s messaging platform is end-to-end encrypted. Normally, the only shot to deal with the problem is to block a spammer. However, the solution fails to work with Chinese iPhone owners as they are experiencing a barrage of spam messages on iMessage.

According to reliable sources, Apple is working with local network operators to address the issue. The Cupertino company teams up with big carriers to fight against spam in the country, but it seems that Apple needs more time to work on a fix for the issue.

China is the world’s second largest smartphone market. According to the latest reports, Apple is struggling to sell its smartphones in China as it is facing an intense competition with local firms. Huawei officially surpassed Apple to become the second largest smartphone vendor. The Chinese firm shipped more than 56 million during the second quarter of the year. Samsung continued to lead the market with 73 million smartphone units sold.

China has a very strict policy against gambling apps. The local network operators have been in a fight against spam messages for years. However, things are getting worse and Apple has decided to step into the fight this year. Tech experts say that Apple is struggling to fight against spam messages. Let’s wait and see.

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