All 2020 iPhones to feature OLED displays

All 2020 iPhones to feature OLED displays

Apple iPhone turns 12 years old this year and a lot of things have changed since day one. iPhones get smarter and better as Apple upgrades its iPhone lineup every year. Last year, Apple debuted three new iPhones with new hardware and exciting features. Apple is expecting to ship millions of 2018 iPhone units on the market, which helps to boost its iPhone sales.

One of the biggest changes coming to the Apple iPhone lineup lies in OLED display panels. In reality, Apple first integrated an OLED panel into its iPhone X in 2017, which was met with a wide welcome out there. The current iPhone XS and XS Max feature OLED displays, while the XR sticks with an LCD panel. The adoption of an OLED panel allows for better picture quality and higher pixel density.

According to the latest reports, Apple is planning to use OLED display panels on all 2020 iPhone models. This goes against what we heard in previous rumors claiming that Apple will switch to OLED flexible panels for this year’s iPhones. However, it seems that Apple needs more time to work on OLED panels. Samsung is now providing Apple with hundreds of millions of OLED units. Last year, the South Korean firm and Apple reached an agreement that would see Samsung supply 90 million flexible OLED units for future iPhones. However, Apple has been looking for more suppliers of OLED displays in an attempt to reduce its dependence on Samsung.

Reports claim that LG Display will join Apple’s supply chain this year. In reality, LG Display and Apple have been in a long-term partnership as the South Korean firm is now supplying OLED panels for Apple Watch. Last year, Apple dealt with supply issues that forced the company to push the release date of the iPhone X to November. The Cupertino firm is speeding up production to meet the huge demand for OLED phones. New iPhones are expected to release to the public in September. The 2019 iPhone lineup will come with Apple’s latest chips and a new design. Besides, there will be a cheaper iPhone this year, but it still uses an OLED panel.

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