2019 iPhone to come with triple camera setup

2019 iPhone to come with triple camera setup

Apple iPhone is one of the best selling phones on the market. Indeed, Apple is selling millions of iPhone units out there. Reports claim that the iPhone XS and XR are popular in the US market and Apple dominated the market in the third quarter of 2018. In reality, the Cupertino firm is reporting slow iPhone sales in China as users are not buying as many new iPhones as it hoped. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that there was a low demand for newer iPhones on the market.  So, we are expecting something new from Apple this year. Sources say that Apple will launch a cheaper HomePod smart speaker and a new iPad Pro at its WWDC event this year. In reality, Apple has no tradition of unveiling new hardware at WWDC, but things may change this year.

Apart from new iPads and HomePods, Apple is expected to announce new iPhones. We have heard a lot of speculation that the new iPhone will come with a triple camera setup. This adds up to previous rumors saying that Apple has been working on a new camera setup for its future iPhones. The adoption of three rear cameras allows for better photos in low-light conditions. However, only the premium iPhone will feature a new camera setup.

Earlier this week, reports claimed that new iPhones will come with USB-C ports at launch. This seems plausible seeing how Apple added USB-C to its iPad Pro last year. Indeed, you can use USB-C ports to connect to USB-C docks or wired headphones.  In reality, smartphones with USB-C ports are not new out there as we have already seen many of them.

We are expecting to see new iPhones with a redesigned look this year. The 2018 iPhone lineup does not change so much on the outside as it retains the same design language from the iPhone X. However, we can expect to see something new this year. There is no mention of iPhone release, but we are hoping to see new iPhones in September this year. Besides, Apple says that the new iMac Pro is on the way this year, but it remains unknown when we are seeing it.

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